2018 Spring Jumpstart Program

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You wouldn't drive your car without changing the oil, would you?  If you were going on a big road trip, you'd for sure change the oil, air up the tires, check your battery, ALL of your fluids, and make sure all systems are go, right?   

The truth is, some people go ALL their LIVE without doing a reset, a cleanse, or a spring detox.  But the truth is, you really should.

You would't just let garbage build up in your kitchen or the bathroom or the office without taking out the trash would you?  This is what the Jump Start Program is all about!  Let me explain more.   

I’m going to spend some time talking about energy. How do we keep our energy going, keep our metabolism going and make sure our cells are healthy?

At the end of the day, energy in our body comes from our cells. We think about energy and a lot of people think of electricity, they think of cars, they think of solar, they think of a number of different things that produce energy.

In our bodies and in all living life, energy comes from our cells, and the quality of our life will come down to the quality of our cells. This is really important.

Just like your home or your car, you clean those out. It is really important to keep your cells clean because your cells are what you are made of. Just imagine if you had a room in your house (or even an apartment or your house in general) and you never really cleaned it, if you couldn’t even take the waste out. Just imagine what it would be like to be in that environment. Just thinking about it, I start to feel sluggish. That’s what goes on in your cells.

Your cells actually need four things to survive and thrive. That would be oxygen, water, nutrients, and the ability to eliminate waste. Believe it or not, it’s not something that just happens. It happens automatically, but there are things that can get in the way of that happening.

There are studies that have been done that show that your cells can actually live forever if they have the proper amount of oxygen, water, nutrients and can eliminate waste, they will live forever. If they don’t have those things, they will either mutate, die, or rupture. The only things that will kill a cell will be the lack of those four things or something cutting into it or rupturing it, which can happen easily if your cells are breaking down. That’s really important.  We’re going to talk about those things to get to our cells and how we can keep the waste from building up in our body.

The way your body gets oxygen is really through your blood. Blood carries the oxygen around our bodies and delivers it to our cells. The way our cells get rid of waste is through our lymph system. There is three times more fluid in our lymph system than in we have blood. It’s a transport for helping us eliminate waste. That is how we’re going to help keep our bodies from having low energy, from gaining weight, and preventing disease.

The more toxins you have accumulated in your blood stream, the more your energy will decrease, increasing symptoms, even illnesses. There are four avenues that your body actually uses to eliminate toxins. We’ll talk about all of them today and that will be part of the Cleanse. The way your body eliminates them is through your skin, breathing through your lungs, through your bowels, and your urinary tract. Those are the exit points for toxins.

If you think about toxins, there are three main causes for toxins to build up in our blood stream. One is when you’re taking in more than you can eliminate. This can occur as a result of being in a state of making too many demands on your body, being very stressed out, and being nervous. Those types of things will prevent you from eliminating toxins.

Another reason is our environment or the foods we eat. There are thousands more toxins today than there were 20 or 30 years ago. Forget about 100 years ago. It’s just amazing the amount of toxins that have been brought into our environment. They get through to us through our food, the air, the products we use, etc. It’s really difficult to stay away from toxins, so it’s really important to eliminate them from your body so that you can stay healthy and active.

A third reason is when you have an overly-acidic diet. When you have a lot of acid in your body from eating too much of the wrong types of foods and not balancing that with alkalizing foods, your body becomes acidic.

Join me for this Quarterly Program where you can quite literally Reset, or Jumpstart a health regimen! Our Spring program is the perfect place to start! 

Price:  $197.00 USD