It's a Wild, Fragrant Life

I have always loved fragrance and far away places. Before I settled down in Texas and married the man of my dreams, I was privileged to travel the world as a volunteer for a relief organization. While overseas, I was exposed to many exotic flora fauna and of course wonderful tastes and smells. 

My beautiful baby girl was born in 1997, and I realized that the path to healthy living for longevity would take a sustained effort on my part. I began a course of study in herbal medicine & aromatherapy, and was just shy of a certificate when my hubby needed me in his contracting office. Thus, I quit my "day job" in an office and joined forces in our home office.

I studied and received a certificate in aromatherapy in 2013, and thus began my journey into making aromatherapy products that not only created ambience and delight but were healthy as well. My passion for aromatherapy was the impetus to launch my brand, Cassia AromaticsMy essential oils are certified pure grade, purchased wholesale direct from the importer; that's how I can pass on my extraordinary good pricing to you!  

I also have a passion for the underprivileged peoples of the earth who are less fortunate than I. I donate a portion of my sales revenue to 10/40 nations. 

My friend, fragrance is a gift to use and to enjoy. Surround yourself in fragrance....every day.