And Just Like That...BOOM -:(

Last week, I was downtown having lunch, and I heard the most dynamic presentation. The presenter was ON FIRE, passionate and very rousing as she shared her business, her passion, her "why". The lady is a great public speaker! I was like “Wow I’d like to learn how to speak like her!” She brought down the house. Obviously she’s amazing and very successful at what she does and works hard doing it.

So much right and so much awesomeness!  I was left with my mouth wide open in admiration.

But she said something that was unsettling, based on a common misnomer: both her parents were in “perfect health” one day and then {BOOM} as soon as they hit 65, all of a sudden, they both were hit hard with heart issues.   It was silent, devastating, and impacted her whole family.


  • happening or coming unexpectedly 
  • changing angle or character all at once 
  • marked by or manifesting abruptness or haste 
  • made or brought about in a short time 

A common misconception is that our body arbitrarily malfunctions on a given day like out of nowhere. This is neither true nor is it scientific. Our body, along with the universe, operates according to the Law of Cause & Effect, not misfortune or chance malfunction. Often an “event” (sometimes a deadly one) happens, and is the first true symptom of a real state of dis ease in our body that has been formulating for a couple of decades. No “oopsies” or odd random occurrences.

There are quite a few things that can SEEM like they appeared out of nowhere, but truth be told, most times the symptom is the last to be seen, felt or experienced.  And many times, that event could be your final one.  Don't let this be you!  

Life, nor happenstance exists in a vacuum.  Things don't arbitrarily malfunction in our body with no cause.  You are causing an effect in your body; whether through lifestyle, nutritional or environmental factors.  The effects are only the results of your causation.  But there's GREAT news!  You CAN and most certainly will reverse harmful effects by changing the causation by a simple decision that  you make to turn things around!  It all starts with you.

What are you doing today to make sure you are not one of these statistics? Yes, they happen everyday but they are not chance freaks of nature - they are the result of many years of either neglect, or simply not knowing; and mismanaging our assets. The time to mitigate unfortunate circumstances is now! You hold the keys to your destiny and it is a matter of stewardship. Don’t be another “statistic”.  Your family will be so glad to see YOU taking care of yourself; and being the example that they need to do the same.  We only have one of you, and we want you around for many years to come!!! <3

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Until Next Time, 

With Love,