About Opening Channels 2.0 Fresh Start Program. Part 1

As a serious seeker of good health, I am sure you have heard about cleanses, detoxes, fresh start programs, or organic reboot programs.  I'm going to share with you about my program, why it is different, the premise behind it, and what you will gain from enrolling.  This post is Part 1.  There will be subsequent articles to follow this introduction.  

I have been working with clients long enough to see a common thread: we want health, but we might need to do a little ground work first.  Maybe we have a health challenge, and we know that we need to do some work to see this mitigated.  Or, we just in general are feeling less than our best, and want to do what we can to feel better by making some lifestyle changes that will increase our vitality and consequently, our longevity. 

But here's where the challenge lies, and one reason why I host this program for many of my clients. Let's look at it in terms of building construction.  For instance, say you want to build a new house. Maybe you've searched magazines, driven to your local model homes, gone to a few open houses to get ideas of what you are looking for. Then you've gone to the architect, and sought to draw up some plans with a builder.  You buy your land, and get started, right?

What if you build the home of your dreams, but didn't properly prepare the land?  Soil tests must be done to assess the quality of the terrain where you are going to pour your slab.  All roots, rocks, stumps, and trees must also be cleared so your plot of land has a good chance of standing firm in rains, droughts, etc.

What if you built your house, but didn't want to wait for the plumber to come, because his schedule was too busy to come and rough out your plumbing in the foundational phase?  The plumber's job is SO important!  He must consult the drawings of the architect, select and purchase his pipes to specification, measure out and lay his lines and get them roughed out at that very beginning phase of building.  

If you neglect the necessary plumbing that allows your gray water to drain from your sinks, your washer, your dishwasher to flow out into the sewer or septic, you'll have a flood in your home.  Likewise, if you set your toilets, but attach no pipes or, you do attach them, but allow the pipes to get clogged with construction debris or sand, no waste will drain when you flush the toilet,  and you will have a major bio-hazard on your hands.  Without the plumber, there's no electrician, no sheetrocker, no painter, and no Sears appliance delivery man!  The Plumber is everything.

And yet, the bio-hazard I mentioned above, is a common condition in many Americans' inner systems and terrains!

In construction, foundations come first, and they MUST be right, or the bank and the inspector won't approve the rest of the building to continue after this important step.  Nothing can happen until the plumbing is laid, and it must be tested to prove viability and functionality, and certified correct according to the specs of the architect.

Second scenario: you have smoke, fire, or water damage upstairs, and it is causing a nasty smell; and maybe black mold is growing on your sheetrock and you are feeling nauseous just living in that space.  You wouldn't go about painting over that sheetrock, or putting down new floors, fixtures or furniture, or do any cosmetic upgrades until you had first remediated the leak, fixed the broken pieces, and had taken out the trash and damaged moldy materials, right?  

Many people think they can fix themselves of health problems by consulting Dr. Google, or rid themselves of parasites, fix their own organs, liver, kidneys or plumbing problems, but they do not have a copy of the blueprint, and somewhere in the sub-floor or foundational level, a blockage exists, and they themselves do not know about it. In this environment, there is no where for the parasite to go, or the toxin to go, or the calcium deposit or blockage to go, unless the channels are fixed, opened, cleared, and restored to operational first.  

I don't need to make the distinction here, but if you were building a new home, or remediating an older home, you would hire a professional, isn't that right?  And most people would hire one that checks out with reputable history, credentials, and word of mouth referrals.  Why do we think we don't need to do the same with our earthly temple?  

OPC Zoom Screen.jpg

This is an important, foundational concept in my Opening Channels Fresh Start Program.  Opening channels prepares the plumbing and sets that foundation in your health journey so that later we can go fast as we target areas of concern that you are facing.  Opening Channels is preparation for detox that will set the foundation for your success every single time.  We lay a good foundation, and then build successfully after.  This way, clients don't have unnecessary herxheimer reactions, unwanted malaise, or undue fatigue during this initial phase of their renewed health journey.  

I discuss this more in my video Introduction to Opening Channels,  Please message me and we can either discuss this, or have a listen here.

Until next time, God Bless you!

With love