DO ND's even GET sick?

After suffering (in basically a state of shame) for about 5 days last week,  finally I broke my silence to social media land.  It had been a quiet albeit rough week; the only major sound punctuating the airwaves in my bedroom were the explosive groans, wheezing, hacking, gasping for air, as my body almost gave up real lung tissue in exchange for the expulsion of waste from my system.  

After quietly letting my peeps know that I'd been under the weather for a few days, I felt a onslaught of comments coming from the general public, and acquaintance peanut gallery.  The spectrum of responses was a mixture of compassion, to hilarious, to silence, to tones of voices like, "aaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHhhhhh???? YOU got SICKKKKKKKKKK?????? Youuuuuuu?"  Surely not YOUUUUU?  Do you pick up on that note of the musical climax, and lull of that tone of voice?  Yeah.  

The unspoken was more deafening than the spoken, clearly.     

Yes, I could have brought it on myself; I mean I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  Maybe my failure to truly REST once in awhile while working, going to school, and all the various ways I serve my clients, family, community and did I mention ANIMALS, had FINALLY gotten to me?  I don't know, and probably never will. Doesn't matter in the slightest.

A business associate, well meaning as she is, took a pot shot at me (friendly fire, anyone?) inferring that my immune system was not a strong as hers, especially since she takes Product X,Y,Z..and I quickly knew where this was heading.  I thanked her for her concern and mentioned on the fly that 'my immune system functions just fine, but thank you for asking' then bowed out of the banter.

The truth is, I decided to turn this into a teachable moment, and turned to my peers for comfort and support.  Because after all, we all know and speak each other's heart language.  

One peer offered, that it truly would WORRY her if she never got sick, because all sickness is our perfectly made body's response to a HEALTHY immune system.  Yes, you read that right; getting sick is a sign of having a HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM. 

Another noted, that taking the trash out is the function of illness, and yes, I can truly testify with voracity that my body had indeed taken QUITE a bit of that out last week, evidenced by the heaps and mounds of tissue at my bedside.

Another noted, and get this: those people who "never get sick" die young, and boy that was the most beautiful insight of all.  

One kind lady thanked me for sharing, noting that if I never ever shared my struggles, it would not help my clients by building up false and unrealistic expectations - both in myself and in them. True, so true. 

Finally, leave it to the guys to dryly note:  "Oh, you misunderstood me perfectly when you thought I said that I WALK on water, when I said that I DRINK water."  This caused me to Erupt into unbridled delight and the kind of belly laugh that makes your sides ache...until my diaphragm informed me that it was still recovering from the delivery of the lung tissues, and I quietly just snickered for a few moments thereafter....

All in all, I've purposed to speak about this issue on this blog, and this was the perfect teachable moment for me.  Yep, I got sick.  Yep, it was probably something I did or did not do.  But getting sick is a GOOD thing, once in awhile. 

As one of my teachers noted:  the Cold Is the Cure!  I don't need to defend my immune system to anyone, and can be comforted in the fact that it is standing guard night and day, to protect me and to scavenge all intruders and offenders.  And that when the Environment INSIDE ME, the terrain in which my cells and others being hosted in my body begins to get toxic, then my body will kick into Clean Out Mode and begin to fulfill it's purpose for getting sick: to destroy dead or non functioning cells in my body!  Besides, it's an opportunity to take a compulsory yet miserable rest, and to take stock of one's actions.  That is cleansing in itself, believe me.  

This post was a little tongue-in-cheek, probably not the tone of voice you will hear from me all the time, but I thought this teachable, and vulnerable moment was worth the risk.  We will indeed explore this topic in another post, but this is a good start.

I did swallow (and enjoy) copious amounts of sambucus - elberberry syrup.  I did use my essential oils, raw honey, colloidal silver and a great herbal expectorant while recovering from this bout of flu or whatever it is/was.  The rest was good for me, and I slept alot. This seems to be the way my body chooses to heal.  I also took the homeopathic remedy oscllococcinum for about 3-4 days.  All these substances supported, girded up, and strengthened my body to fight as it was in this Self-Clean mode.  

Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made, and my soul knows it well!  

Talk soon,