The Foundation of Water

If you've known me for any period of time, or followed me on social media, then you would at one point, soon enough, hear me rant about water.  The fact that most Americans are chronically dehydrated, has had deleterious effects on their health in myriads of ways.  Over 55, to be exact!  Did you know that there are over 55+ diseases that are caused by, or exacerbated by, a state of dehydration?  Ponder, and then reach for your eye drops, and chase that down with some dry mouth spray.  Do I sound jaded?  No, but this must go on record:  Your Body has many cries for water, pure and simple, but we want to diagnose it, prescribe for it, or ignore it altogether!  The evidence is too compelling to remain silent any longer!

If you take the earth as a microcosm of one cell of our human body, the correlation between our earth as a planet, and one cell of our own personal "earth"( our human body), you would see the precedent set.  Even in Scripture we see that the earth was mantled in water:  water above the earth, water below the earth, water under the earth.  We too; our cells have water or fluids flowing over, under, and all around them.  Water inside them.  The continents sit on water have water  under them and over them.  So it is with the earth; also it is with our bodies.  

So many times, we are not hungry; we are thirsty.  Our hearts skips a beat, and we blame our heart.  Our kidneys get weak and toxic and calcified, and we blame them.  Our skin gets dry, wrinkled and leathery, and we pour tons of money into creams lotions and even surgery.  When so many things could be literally SOLVED by picking up a glass of pure clean water, and enjoying the life saving benefits that only WATER will bring!   There is only one cure for dehydration; and that is simply, Water!  

Water is life; water is health!   Enjoy some today!   Your body will THANK YOU!

Stay tuned, I just may post another time, or 20...just about this one subject; water and your body's desperate need for more of it.   

Much love,