When Debits Become Credits

I remember college accounting courses. The debits and credits, though!! Google tells me I wasn't the only one who faced confusion with this concept, with top search results "How can I better understand debits and credits in accounting? I'm pretty sure this is the most confusing thing in my basic accounting class."

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Knowing the reason why we debit and credit transactions is easier if we understand fully the relationship of the account type to debit and credit.

Debits and credits is the system used for recording accounting transactions. A debit or credit transaction can increase or decrease balances, depending on the account type (asset, liability, equity, revenue, and expense). This forms the basis for double entry bookkeeping, which requires equal debits and credits. The underlying transactions are recorded in detail on the general ledger and are later combined to form financial statements.

But WHY are you talking about accounting on a health website, you ask?

I was always so confused when I found out what I thought were supposed to be debits were actually credits, and vice versa.   But as it is with accounting, so it is with our health and many other things in life.

In the universal law of reciprocity, otherwise known as Sowing & Reaping, we sow and we reap, or also we give and we receive.  With time, what we sow, also multiplies; because when we sow a seed, it is designed to multiply.  Let’s look at the Word for an example.

When Paul the Apostle sought support from the Philippians in chapter four, he said this:  ” Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account.”  In other words, he was asking them to DEBIT their pocketbooks, in order that they would be CREDITED for their good deeds.  We can apply this to our health and healthcare as well. 

Many people including myself feel the pain when it comes to healthcare; whether it is alternative or conventional.  We regularly debit money out of our bank accounts for our insurance, where our account is credited at the insurance company until we hit our maximum outlay for the year garnered in premiums; and then, alas, with the new calendar year, that zeroes out again and we start all over. {SIGH}.  In the event of insurance, we are banking on getting sick, and giving with the assurance that maybe 80% or thereabouts may be covered by the premiums that we sowed. 

Trouble is, it’s like term life insurance; if we don’t DIE, we won’t reap anything, correct?  Not to be crass, but that is the bottom line.  We pay for peace of mind; and may continue to roll the dice with our health; playing the odds and not being too worried about life until a bad test result or a Big Event comes to take things up a notch.  Or down.

With alternative health care, holistic health services are not usually covered by insurance.  All of us feel the pinch, especially those of us who have no insurance; everything comes out of our own pocket. 

However any time we SOW to our health, we will experience a “debit” of something; time, expense, energy.  But we have to see it with new eyes:  we are actually CREDITING an account that will reap a reward.  In health, in longevity, and vitality.  It’s an Universal Law, and it is an absolute, a constant.  That pain may be incremental in our wallets temporarily, but ultimately it could not only save our life, but It could also REDUCE the expense due to catastrophic illness or even death.

We who are dog lovers have a slogan:  “Pay the grocer, or pay the vet.”  We know all too well when we cut corners on our pet’s diet, they suffer and incur big ticket items at the vet office.  Are we any different?  Are we of no more value than our pets?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

It's easier to stop something from happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.

When we begin to INVEST in our health; our reserves, our strength, our vitality, our ability to thrive will soar!  It’s an INVESTMENT, and it will be CREDITED to your health.  If we begin to see it as such, knowing our worth, we will not look at it as an expense or a debit or a painful thing any longer, but for what it is, sowing and reaping multiplied REWARDS!

Are you ready to join me on this journey?  Let’s talk, soon!!!  I am dedicated to making the pinch of investment well worth every penny, setting you on a trajectory that is straight and streamlined!  Let’s end the confusion, and get started!  You ARE WORTH IT!

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And Just Like That...BOOM -:(

Last week, I was downtown having lunch, and I heard the most dynamic presentation. The presenter was ON FIRE, passionate and very rousing as she shared her business, her passion, her "why". The lady is a great public speaker! I was like “Wow I’d like to learn how to speak like her!” She brought down the house. Obviously she’s amazing and very successful at what she does and works hard doing it.

So much right and so much awesomeness!  I was left with my mouth wide open in admiration.

But she said something that was unsettling, based on a common misnomer: both her parents were in “perfect health” one day and then {BOOM} as soon as they hit 65, all of a sudden, they both were hit hard with heart issues.   It was silent, devastating, and impacted her whole family.


  • happening or coming unexpectedly 
  • changing angle or character all at once 
  • marked by or manifesting abruptness or haste 
  • made or brought about in a short time 

A common misconception is that our body arbitrarily malfunctions on a given day like out of nowhere. This is neither true nor is it scientific. Our body, along with the universe, operates according to the Law of Cause & Effect, not misfortune or chance malfunction. Often an “event” (sometimes a deadly one) happens, and is the first true symptom of a real state of dis ease in our body that has been formulating for a couple of decades. No “oopsies” or odd random occurrences.

There are quite a few things that can SEEM like they appeared out of nowhere, but truth be told, most times the symptom is the last to be seen, felt or experienced.  And many times, that event could be your final one.  Don't let this be you!  

Life, nor happenstance exists in a vacuum.  Things don't arbitrarily malfunction in our body with no cause.  You are causing an effect in your body; whether through lifestyle, nutritional or environmental factors.  The effects are only the results of your causation.  But there's GREAT news!  You CAN and most certainly will reverse harmful effects by changing the causation by a simple decision that  you make to turn things around!  It all starts with you.

What are you doing today to make sure you are not one of these statistics? Yes, they happen everyday but they are not chance freaks of nature - they are the result of many years of either neglect, or simply not knowing; and mismanaging our assets. The time to mitigate unfortunate circumstances is now! You hold the keys to your destiny and it is a matter of stewardship. Don’t be another “statistic”.  Your family will be so glad to see YOU taking care of yourself; and being the example that they need to do the same.  We only have one of you, and we want you around for many years to come!!! <3

I can help you!  Why don't we talk today?  Schedule a free 20 minute discovery session with me at  your earliest onvenience here.

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DO ND's even GET sick?

After suffering (in basically a state of shame) for about 5 days last week,  finally I broke my silence to social media land.  It had been a quiet albeit rough week; the only major sound punctuating the airwaves in my bedroom were the explosive groans, wheezing, hacking, gasping for air, as my body almost gave up real lung tissue in exchange for the expulsion of waste from my system.  

After quietly letting my peeps know that I'd been under the weather for a few days, I felt a onslaught of comments coming from the general public, and acquaintance peanut gallery.  The spectrum of responses was a mixture of compassion, to hilarious, to silence, to tones of voices like, "aaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHhhhhh???? YOU got SICKKKKKKKKKK?????? Youuuuuuu?"  Surely not YOUUUUU?  Do you pick up on that note of the musical climax, and lull of that tone of voice?  Yeah.  

The unspoken was more deafening than the spoken, clearly.     

Yes, I could have brought it on myself; I mean I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  Maybe my failure to truly REST once in awhile while working, going to school, and all the various ways I serve my clients, family, community and did I mention ANIMALS, had FINALLY gotten to me?  I don't know, and probably never will. Doesn't matter in the slightest.

A business associate, well meaning as she is, took a pot shot at me (friendly fire, anyone?) inferring that my immune system was not a strong as hers, especially since she takes Product X,Y,Z..and I quickly knew where this was heading.  I thanked her for her concern and mentioned on the fly that 'my immune system functions just fine, but thank you for asking' then bowed out of the banter.

The truth is, I decided to turn this into a teachable moment, and turned to my peers for comfort and support.  Because after all, we all know and speak each other's heart language.  

One peer offered, that it truly would WORRY her if she never got sick, because all sickness is our perfectly made body's response to a HEALTHY immune system.  Yes, you read that right; getting sick is a sign of having a HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM. 

Another noted, that taking the trash out is the function of illness, and yes, I can truly testify with voracity that my body had indeed taken QUITE a bit of that out last week, evidenced by the heaps and mounds of tissue at my bedside.

Another noted, and get this: those people who "never get sick" die young, and boy that was the most beautiful insight of all.  

One kind lady thanked me for sharing, noting that if I never ever shared my struggles, it would not help my clients by building up false and unrealistic expectations - both in myself and in them. True, so true. 

Finally, leave it to the guys to dryly note:  "Oh, you misunderstood me perfectly when you thought I said that I WALK on water, when I said that I DRINK water."  This caused me to Erupt into unbridled delight and the kind of belly laugh that makes your sides ache...until my diaphragm informed me that it was still recovering from the delivery of the lung tissues, and I quietly just snickered for a few moments thereafter....

All in all, I've purposed to speak about this issue on this blog, and this was the perfect teachable moment for me.  Yep, I got sick.  Yep, it was probably something I did or did not do.  But getting sick is a GOOD thing, once in awhile. 

As one of my teachers noted:  the Cold Is the Cure!  I don't need to defend my immune system to anyone, and can be comforted in the fact that it is standing guard night and day, to protect me and to scavenge all intruders and offenders.  And that when the Environment INSIDE ME, the terrain in which my cells and others being hosted in my body begins to get toxic, then my body will kick into Clean Out Mode and begin to fulfill it's purpose for getting sick: to destroy dead or non functioning cells in my body!  Besides, it's an opportunity to take a compulsory yet miserable rest, and to take stock of one's actions.  That is cleansing in itself, believe me.  

This post was a little tongue-in-cheek, probably not the tone of voice you will hear from me all the time, but I thought this teachable, and vulnerable moment was worth the risk.  We will indeed explore this topic in another post, but this is a good start.

I did swallow (and enjoy) copious amounts of sambucus - elberberry syrup.  I did use my essential oils, raw honey, colloidal silver and a great herbal expectorant while recovering from this bout of flu or whatever it is/was.  The rest was good for me, and I slept alot. This seems to be the way my body chooses to heal.  I also took the homeopathic remedy oscllococcinum for about 3-4 days.  All these substances supported, girded up, and strengthened my body to fight as it was in this Self-Clean mode.  

Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made, and my soul knows it well!  

Talk soon,





The Foundation of Water

If you've known me for any period of time, or followed me on social media, then you would at one point, soon enough, hear me rant about water.  The fact that most Americans are chronically dehydrated, has had deleterious effects on their health in myriads of ways.  Over 55, to be exact!  Did you know that there are over 55+ diseases that are caused by, or exacerbated by, a state of dehydration?  Ponder, and then reach for your eye drops, and chase that down with some dry mouth spray.  Do I sound jaded?  No, but this must go on record:  Your Body has many cries for water, pure and simple, but we want to diagnose it, prescribe for it, or ignore it altogether!  The evidence is too compelling to remain silent any longer!

If you take the earth as a microcosm of one cell of our human body, the correlation between our earth as a planet, and one cell of our own personal "earth"( our human body), you would see the precedent set.  Even in Scripture we see that the earth was mantled in water:  water above the earth, water below the earth, water under the earth.  We too; our cells have water or fluids flowing over, under, and all around them.  Water inside them.  The continents sit on water have water  under them and over them.  So it is with the earth; also it is with our bodies.  

So many times, we are not hungry; we are thirsty.  Our hearts skips a beat, and we blame our heart.  Our kidneys get weak and toxic and calcified, and we blame them.  Our skin gets dry, wrinkled and leathery, and we pour tons of money into creams lotions and even surgery.  When so many things could be literally SOLVED by picking up a glass of pure clean water, and enjoying the life saving benefits that only WATER will bring!   There is only one cure for dehydration; and that is simply, Water!  

Water is life; water is health!   Enjoy some today!   Your body will THANK YOU!

Stay tuned, I just may post another time, or 20...just about this one subject; water and your body's desperate need for more of it.   

Much love,