Health has been a passion of mine since I was nine years old. My baby brother died of a rare form of cancer when he was only six years old; that tragedy rocked my family’s world for many years after. At that point, I knew I wanted to be involved in helping people find ways to overcome the things that threatened their life. It just seemed right to me. I knew there had to be a way. Why should a beautiful small boy, in all ways seemingly healthy, strong, and robust be cut short in life by an enemy like that? I vowed to be in some way involved.

Life took it’s twists and turns; my life has been exciting, varied and full! I was able to travel internationally and see the nations of the world, then come back home to settle down to raise a family in 1991. I became a first-time mother at forty; giving birth right before my 41st birthday to a beautiful baby girl. After having experienced the miracle of this, I KNEW some major lifestyle changes must take place in my own life, so I could be the very best mom to my little girl. I delved head first into intensive study of nutrition, herbs, essential oils, and natural ways to stay healthy. I read every book, took every class, and was determined to not only regain my own health which had suffered as I was globetrotting happily throughout 3rd world countries as a single girl, but also to help others.

A local health food store became my second home as I studied intensely under the tutelage of a local naturopathic doctor. The teachings made sense, and very quickly I began to excel in my knowledge of natural health. I vowed to study more. After my mom passed away from colon cancer in 2004 I decided enough was enough. This dream must become a reality! What used to be an interest turned into a passion, and as I have been helping people regain their health, and some amazing opportunities have opened in front of me. Tools literally dropped into my lap, as soon as I set the intention to make this a reality. I have been amazed as I keep stepping forward to help others.

Above all else, my primary identity and joy is being a daughter of God. My mission is to equip the body of Christ to fulfill their God given destiny and mandate by empowering them in health and vitality. When God commanded, “Let there be light,” there was light! His creation came forth from His very own frequency; manifesting His glorious and kind blueprint for humanity. Fashioned and imagined in His glorious image, we often forget that we are made of mostly energy that comes forth from pure light. Let’s nourish ourselves so we can THRIVE and be truly ALIVE!

I have a team standing by, ready to assist YOU in your health goals! All we need to do is find out what they are and where you are getting stuck! We are ready to do that, and are your compassionate guides supporting you on your journey to wellness.

Are you ready to start talking? We care, and are listening!  Contact us below.

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